Shadowed My Soul

bare trees against sky during sunset
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The leaden sky weeps bitter tears
The autumn day seems colorless and drear
The sodden breeze sputters and dies
Blowing in fits and starts carrying the gull’s cry
From above the saturated clouds loom
Heralding reverberations of doom and gloom
Resonating across the land and my soul
Pealing loudly of fatality in their toll
The seasons of sorrow is upon us
Slinking forward silently without fuss
The bleak cold death of winter trails closely behind
Mortality’s cold fleshless kiss is blind
Counting down the cycle of the year
Deep inside I tremble in fear
The hope of spring is faint within my heart
The depths of my despair I can not chart.


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge November 6, 2018:
Here are 3 words to spark your imagination for a piece of poetry. BUT, you CANNOT USE these 3 words in the poem. What images, feelings, emotions do they conjure up for you?
Good luck!
gray, wind, echoes

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge November 6, 2018

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