What Florid Fingers

What florid fingers
Tentatively probing
Come slyly slinking
Spreading wide
Dimming the glories
That crown ebon infinity
Majestic vault bestrewn
Myriad stars a twinkle
That tardy tenebrous tumescence
Burnished brilliance breaking
Hovering on the horizon
Whereof devious digits
Piercing achromatic night
Tentatively probing
Laboring towards the vertex
Spreading in a panorama
Varnishing the firmament
Lo, that gleaming grandeur
Swelling towards repletion
Abolishing the dark horizon
Heralding the arrival of morn
Tis the timorous dawn.

I wrote this poem after seeing this sunrise (which I’ve tried to recreate)  one morning when I was staying with my mother.



“Little Fuzzy” by H. Beam Piper


   “Little Fuzzy” (1962) by H. Beam Piper is the first book in the Fuzzy Series. It is a charming and original read. It is a story of friendship, imagination and the survival of a species. Prepare to meet the most enchanting creatures ever created in Sci-Fi history! I highly recommend it for first time Science Fiction readers. It’s a great introduction to the genre! I give it five stars.


The world is a hard place when you’re small and everything else, especially the predators is big!

What is sapience?

The Federation defines it as the ability to talk and make fire, but is that all there really is to it? What happens when you run into a group of creatures that can do neither, is there such a thing as being just barely sapient?

It all begins with a tiny scared “yeek” in Jack Halloway’s shower stall, Little Fuzzy soon realizes that he is onto a good thing, he retrieves his family and they all settle in.

Zarathustra is a Class-III uninhabited planet, and the Chartered Zarathustra Company owns it lock stock and barrel. They developed it, exploited it, and reaped huge profits without any interference from the Colonial Government. Now the Zarathustra Company has teensy problem (one that’s twenty-four inches tall and weighs only twenty pounds to be precise.)

Out of nowhere, prospector Jack Halloway has appeared with a family of Fuzzies, and a great deal of evidence (low Paleolithic tools for instance) that they are more than just cute little animals.

If the Fuzzies are a race of intelligent beings, then Zarathustra III automatically becomes an inhabited planet and the Company’s Chartered monopoly and privileges will be over!

The Chartered Zarathustra Company isn’t going to allow that to happen . . . whatever it takes!

Now the trial of the millennium is on! Will the Zarathustra Company win or will the Fuzzies be recognized as sapient beings?

The fate of the planet, the Company,  and a species hangs in the balance.


Legends Don’t Die, They Just Fade Away

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

This is Caleb Carlyle Curtis reporting live Sunday, February 17, 2019 via web-cam for my blog, Genuine Confessions of a Myth-Taken Freak. I tracked him down here deep in the Wisconsin woods after long arduous months of searching involving the follow-up of false leads, rumors, and word of mouth. Today I shall share with you the truth! I am always awed and amazed at the reality behind our legends. This time was no different. It’s true what they say about people shrinking as they get older, Paul Bunyan is living proof, no longer a robust giant eight feet tall, he has dwindled to a grey-haired mere six-and-a-half feet, he can still swing a mean axe although arthritis is starting to take its toll. He is currently earning a living creating custom-designed log houses. He proudly escorted me around his latest masterpiece. When asked about Babe, Paul admits shame-faced, that when times were hard during the Depression he traveled down South. People down there were starving and as a result, Babe went back up to the Great Man in the sky; he stated that the great Blue Ox made a wonderful barbecue that fed half the state of Texas.


Sunday Photo Fiction – February 17, 2019




The wide horizon beckons
Time for me to check-in
The cost of exploration is hard to reckon
Space teaches hard lessons.
I am proud to be an astronaut
Though the life’s sometimes fraught.
Moving in Zero-G is a familiar feat
I slip easily into the pilot’s seat
My take off is sweat
I state without any conceit.
The spaceship’s engines roar
Stars and planets galore
The universe is mine to explore
Outward and onward evermore.


Exactly 74 words

Weekend Writing Prompt # 93: “Horizon” This weekend your challenge is to write a poem or piece of prose in exactly 74 words.