Speaking Sharper Than Words

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Speaking sharper than words the silence in my heart

Echoing endlessly in my ears hollowly down the years

All of the choices I have made in my life I can chart

By the smile lines and the dried tracks of my tears

Far too soon Love’s tender delights my senses did cloy

As I frantically sought to grasp affection’s fleeting treasures

Expunging all traces of even the smallest happiness and joy

Eliminating all savor from my banquet of Life’s pleasures

Now I grip my memories hard, tight-fisted like a miser

Tired of pursuing momentary illusions and dreams

Doddering now, sorrowfully bent, lonelier and wiser

Weary of Byzantine conspiracies, plots and schemes

I remain quiescent not upon any allocated lustrous laurels

But the painful lessons wrought by the lack of morals.



Thursday, March 12, 2020

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Today’s prompt: “the silence in my heart”



A Hibernal Dirge



Alas, the stark landscape wrought in shades of black, grey, and white

That frozen vista dominated by harrowing winds that so wickedly bite

Regretfully I rigorously assert that intense cold burns as certainly as heat

Thus making my year’s summation of misery complete.

Alack, the frigid atmosphere sears my nose, throat and lungs

The desiccating taste of Winter remains on my tongue.

Unhappily, the inhospitable climate causes my body to involuntarily shiver

Snow’s brilliant reflection of sun’s light make my eyelids quiver.

Woe, for along the knife-sharp horizon ominous clouds gather and glower

The lazy wind, slicing through my flesh, keens, slowly gathering power.

Sadly the Season is reluctant to release its grasp though the Solstice has passed

Several months of further gelid weather are conspicuous in the forecast.

Oh, cruel, capricious, churlish final quarter! How much longer must you linger?

Already you have put my physique and my moods through the wringer.

Enough wretchedness I say! Sweet Spring, hasten your steps, come soon,

Bring forth your gentle gracing presence, grant me this vital boon.


Emily Karn

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge- January 28, 2020: Today’s prompt: Use the word “shiver” or any form of the word

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge- January 28, 2020

What Is My Love

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What is my Love, but a potent force bubbling up from secret depths unbidden?

My Love is an adamantine affection overflowing my heart that is freely given.

It can’t be measured by the hour, coaxed with false flattery, or bought with coin.

It can only be returned in kind when our two selves do willingly conjoin.

What is my Passion, but a scalding flame raging in my body, my blood, and my bones?

My Passion is built of frantic thrusting, sweating skin, panting exertion, and lusty groans.

It is constituted of a sweet caress, a fierce hug, whispered words, and a lingering glance.

Accept then my hand Sweetheart and let us both engage in romance’s endless dance.

What is my Declaration, but the precious gift of an unalterable truth?

With each moment, each action, each word, offering the unpolluted proof.

What is my Soul, but a true reflection of the values that I hold to be of worth?

Occupying every instant spanning the distance from my death to my birth.

All of the things that I was, all the things that I am, and all things that I will be,

I proffer to you Dearest, the sum of Myself, for now, forever, for eternity.



Tuesday, January 28, 2020


PSA Safe-Driving Campaign


To: Courtney Wright, Advertising Director, WXLX Radio

Re: Our new Public Service Announcements for the Safe-Driving Campaign

I recommend one of our local, well-known performers, Tyrese Martinez, aka “Tyresastic T M” for his raspy voice and hip-hop/rap style, and driving beats. He is quite popular with our target demographic group. Here are my suggested lyrics for the first song.

“Yo’ Mama’s Watching You”

“Hey, yo’, yo’ man—

Play it safe, stick to the plan

Yo’ mama’s watching you—

Seeing each little thing that you do

Don’t speed—

My words ya’ better heed

There’s no need—

To race to take the lead


Chorus: Yo mama’s watching you

Seeing each little thing that you do

Be careful man, get a clue—

To the rules of the road ya’ better hew

She got eyes everywhere, everywhere!

She’s got the eyes that glare,

Those eyes that stare—

She got eyes everywhere, everywhere!


Leave early so’s ya’ ain’t runnin’ too late

Ain’t no need to go and tailgate—

Don’t wanna hear that familiar voice berate

So wise up sucker, ’n’ play it straight—




Go ahead and stay off that phone,

Just leave that **** thing alone—

Prove that you’s da man that’s full grown

Don’t need to risk entering the danger zone




If you have any suggestions or amendments I would appreciate your input.

From: Charles Fortnum, Senior Copywriter



Tuesday, January 21, 2020

A Writing Prompt a Day: Write a piece using a technical gimmick (rhyme scheme, etc)



scenic view of beach
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Each half day what delicate ephemeral traces
/Footprints, paw prints, bird tracks/
Each incoming tide so quickly it scrubs and erases
/coarse sand wiped clean like soft wax/
Waves rolling, purling, crashing forevermore
All pounding and breaking upon the seashore
Which proves stronger in the end, land or sea?
The answer lies in the fine grit wrought of eternity.


Exactly 59 Words

Weekend Writing Prompt #96: “Seashore”


Where Your Soul Goes


Where your soul goes
I hereby disclose
The karma my spirit chose
To let the same fate impose.
Where goes yours there goes mine
Two souls as one intertwine
Their essences harmonically align
Their sum total to combine.
So let loose the reins of destiny
Brace against the storms of devilry
Pray for the gentle winds of clemency
Moreover, cling to each other desperately.
Whether our destination be heaven or hell
My heart’s fears I steadfastly quell.


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: March 5, 2019: Use the phrase Where your soul goes.

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: March 5, 2019



The wide horizon beckons
Time for me to check-in
The cost of exploration is hard to reckon
Space teaches hard lessons.
I am proud to be an astronaut
Though the life’s sometimes fraught.
Moving in Zero-G is a familiar feat
I slip easily into the pilot’s seat
My take off is sweat
I state without any conceit.
The spaceship’s engines roar
Stars and planets galore
The universe is mine to explore
Outward and onward evermore.


Exactly 74 words

Weekend Writing Prompt # 93: “Horizon” This weekend your challenge is to write a poem or piece of prose in exactly 74 words.


Unremarkable Man


Jack Jones possessed the power of anonymity. He patrolled the city in his charcoal-grey business suit attracting no attention; everything about him; height, build, face, hair and eye coloring were all average. He had a single flaw; he couldn’t carry a tune in a ten-gallon pail, something he was currently proving as he casually strolled along tunelessly yodeling the piece he had just written at the top of his lungs.

   “I can go unnoticed in any crowd
   Except of course, when I sing aloud!
   I am Unremarkable Man
   Moreover I have just began!
   I may fall down, but I get up again
   If you are evil then I am your bane!
   I may not have a body made of iron or steel
   Nevertheless, my strong fists you will feel!
   I do not soar through the sky
    For I am completely unable to fly!
    I may be bruised and I may bleed
   However, defeat I will never concede!
   I will accept whatever fate may throw
   To bring down any wicked foe!
   I am far from being a zero
   I am a superhero, a s-u-p-e-r -h-e-r-o—!”

He turned the corner and crossed the street. Totally focused on his iPhone, he never noticed the oncoming cab until it struck him, tossing him bloody and broken into the gutter. The cabbie never even noticed.


A Writing Prompt a Day: write a theme song for your protagonist.