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“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” Proverb

The Portal was a coruscating globe crawling with streamers of multi-hued light; it hung in the center of the lab. Raggedly pulsating it grew bigger, bulging ominously. “More power! More power! We must stabilize the reaction!”  Tierney screamed eyes crazed with madness.

“You must shut your project down now Professor!” Cleric Atherton said hardly. “It’s too dangerous to continue!”

“No! I almost have it! Paradise is within my grasp!” The walls of the control room shimmered and undulated under the barrage of distortion waves.

Look at it Professor! That’s not Paradise, that’s a trick of the Evil One.” Atherton pointed a stern finger at the wavering sphere.

Tierney’s eyes fastened desperately on the Portal, slowly they cleared and sanity returned. “Yes. Yes, you’re right! Shut it down! Shut it down now!” He yelled to the technicians.

“It’s no good Professor!  It’s attained critical mass and is now self-sustaining!” His assistant Charles cried cowering behind his control panel.

The portal ballooned rapidly. The explosion consumed the lab and twelve square miles of its surroundings. The surge it generated circled the planet warping time and space. The Discontinuity was born.


The Wacky Weekend Challenge: Explosion

6 thoughts on “Intentions

    1. It is actually a prequel to a longer piece I am currently working on. Your prompt provided the inspiration I needed for the creation of the Discontinuity. When I finally get it finished I’ll certainly let you know.

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