Winter’s Dawn


First blush of dawn gleams

Rosy sparkle adorns snow

Gelid breeze nips bones.



Thursday, February 20, 2020

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Blush – February 17, 2020


A Hibernal Dirge



Alas, the stark landscape wrought in shades of black, grey, and white

That frozen vista dominated by harrowing winds that so wickedly bite

Regretfully I rigorously assert that intense cold burns as certainly as heat

Thus making my year’s summation of misery complete.

Alack, the frigid atmosphere sears my nose, throat and lungs

The desiccating taste of Winter remains on my tongue.

Unhappily, the inhospitable climate causes my body to involuntarily shiver

Snow’s brilliant reflection of sun’s light make my eyelids quiver.

Woe, for along the knife-sharp horizon ominous clouds gather and glower

The lazy wind, slicing through my flesh, keens, slowly gathering power.

Sadly the Season is reluctant to release its grasp though the Solstice has passed

Several months of further gelid weather are conspicuous in the forecast.

Oh, cruel, capricious, churlish final quarter! How much longer must you linger?

Already you have put my physique and my moods through the wringer.

Enough wretchedness I say! Sweet Spring, hasten your steps, come soon,

Bring forth your gentle gracing presence, grant me this vital boon.


Emily Karn

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge- January 28, 2020: Today’s prompt: Use the word “shiver” or any form of the word

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge- January 28, 2020

What Florid Fingers

What florid fingers
Tentatively probing
Come slyly slinking
Spreading wide
Dimming the glories
That crown ebon infinity
Majestic vault bestrewn
Myriad stars a twinkle
That tardy tenebrous tumescence
Burnished brilliance breaking
Hovering on the horizon
Whereof devious digits
Piercing achromatic night
Tentatively probing
Laboring towards the vertex
Spreading in a panorama
Varnishing the firmament
Lo, that gleaming grandeur
Swelling towards repletion
Abolishing the dark horizon
Heralding the arrival of morn
Tis the timorous dawn.

I wrote this poem after seeing this sunrise (which I’ve tried to recreate)  one morning when I was staying with my mother.