“Little Fuzzy” by H. Beam Piper


   “Little Fuzzy” (1962) by H. Beam Piper is the first book in the Fuzzy Series. It is a charming and original read. It is a story of friendship, imagination and the survival of a species. Prepare to meet the most enchanting creatures ever created in Sci-Fi history! I highly recommend it for first time Science Fiction readers. It’s a great introduction to the genre! I give it five stars.


The world is a hard place when you’re small and everything else, especially the predators is big!

What is sapience?

The Federation defines it as the ability to talk and make fire, but is that all there really is to it? What happens when you run into a group of creatures that can do neither, is there such a thing as being just barely sapient?

It all begins with a tiny scared “yeek” in Jack Halloway’s shower stall, Little Fuzzy soon realizes that he is onto a good thing, he retrieves his family and they all settle in.

Zarathustra is a Class-III uninhabited planet, and the Chartered Zarathustra Company owns it lock stock and barrel. They developed it, exploited it, and reaped huge profits without any interference from the Colonial Government. Now the Zarathustra Company has teensy problem (one that’s twenty-four inches tall and weighs only twenty pounds to be precise.)

Out of nowhere, prospector Jack Halloway has appeared with a family of Fuzzies, and a great deal of evidence (low Paleolithic tools for instance) that they are more than just cute little animals.

If the Fuzzies are a race of intelligent beings, then Zarathustra III automatically becomes an inhabited planet and the Company’s Chartered monopoly and privileges will be over!

The Chartered Zarathustra Company isn’t going to allow that to happen . . . whatever it takes!

Now the trial of the millennium is on! Will the Zarathustra Company win or will the Fuzzies be recognized as sapient beings?

The fate of the planet, the Company,  and a species hangs in the balance.



“Heirs of Empire” by David Webber


   Heirs of Empire: Book Three of the Dahak Trilogy is an excellent read, with an exciting mix of low tech and high tech battle scenes. If you’re not already a fan of Science Fiction, David Webber’s works will convert you. I give it five stars.
For really tough jobs, Emperor Colin MacIntyre the Frist is your man. The only man in the galaxy to ever stop the genocidal Achuultani in their tracks, he went on to resurrect an empire forty-five thousand years gone.

Colin’s progeny, Crown Prince Sean and Crown Princess Harriet, have been unleashed upon the galaxy and they’re off to an explosive start (literally). A traitor deep under cover within the very heart of the Imperium willing to murder the royal family and three-quarter of a billion’s worth of loyal subjects has programmed their space ship to blow up around them! Taking all the evidence and thousands of lives with it!

Now Sean, Harriet, and three of their friends are marooned a long, long way from home; stranded on a hostile theocratic world of gunpowder and pikes. The Mother Church of that world doesn’t like them very much. In fact, she has just declared them Demons, marshalled the Holy Host and ordered their extermination!

You might think that things look pretty bleak for the kids, but the reality it’s Mother Church that’s in trouble – because Sean and Harriet are chips off of the old block – and they’re about to get angry . . .

Mother Church, Her Priests, and Her Minions better buckle down, they’re in for one Hell of a storm!


“The Armageddon Inheritance” By David Webber


The Armageddon Inheritance: 2nd book in the Dahak Trilogy  is the sequel to Mutineer’s Moon. It is excellent, it has several thrilling battle scenes. I recommend it highly even for people who don’t enjoy science fiction.

I give it five stars

Colin MacIntyre has been tapped for Greater Things;  consequentially his life has been rather stressful lately and he isn’t too sure he likes that.

  • Join NASA and become an astronaut (Check)
  • Win a highly coveted place on a lunar mission (Check)
  • Get kidnapped by the ancient, self-aware battleship, Dahak masquerading as Earth’s Moon (Check)
  • Get drafted as Dahak’s Captain to suppress a five-thousand year old mutiny (Check)
  • Defeat said mutineers who greatly outnumber his forces and who could care less how many innocents the collateral damage claims (Check)
  • Mobilize the entire planet against the attack of an eons-old alien menace dedicated to the eradication of all other intelligent life in the galaxy (Check)

What he doesn’t realize is that’s all been the easy part.



Mutineer’s Moon by David Webber


Mutineer’s Moon is a fine read in the tradition of space operas.

I give it Five Stars.


When is the moon not the moon?
When it’s a planetoid-sized battleship in disguise.

The ordinary, predictable life of Lt. Commander Colin MacIntyre, United States Navy, NASA astronaut, is about to take a turn for the worse! Engaged in a routine mission around the moon collecting survey data it rapidly becomes apparent that an unknown entity is intent on collecting him!

Dahak, the self-aware Imperial battleship, underwent a mutiny in the face of the enemy millennia ago. The mutiny was never resolved—Dahak was forced to maroon not only the mutineers, but also the entire crew on the nearest available planet—prehistoric Earth!

Earth is reeling. Terrorism has reached a new, all-time, chilling high. The “unscheduled vacations” of a surprising number of government, industry, and economic leaders, coupled with the use of powerful weapons, far beyond any Human technology, which the top scientists in their fields have been unable to explain has forced people to face one unpalatable fact; a covert war between at least two obviously alien factions has broken out on Earth. Moreover, it has become clear that the winners’ will make themselves known.

One side is operating with care, meticulous planning, economy of forces, and conservation of resources. The other side is operating on a far vaster scale, their actions wide-spread and more often simultaneous rather than sequenced, further they’ve proven that they could care less how many innocent people they slaughter. It’s looking grim for Earth’s huddled masses, who are waiting with baited breath, the second side is kicking the butts of the first side. And if the side that supports the terrorists wins, the planet is in for one hell of a nightmare . . .

Dahak, has helplessly been waiting as the descendants of the loyal crew regressed while the mutineers’ maintained control of the technology that has kept them alive as the millennia passed. Now Dahak’s sensors indicate that the enemy, which devastated the Imperium so long ago, have returned and Earth lies helpless in their path! For the sake of the planet, Dahak must mobilize its defenses, but he can’t do that until the mutiny is put down for once and for all! And Dahak can’t act alone!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Dahak kidnaps Colin MacIntyre, and now that he finally has a Captain again, Dahak can act. The fate of the Earth hangs in the balance, but the man and the computer have a risky plan; and after all, “he who doesn’t dare never succedes!