Temporal Displacement

Cretaceous Dinosaurs

I woke up in the thundering rain that drenched my bed. I opened my eyes, the by now familiar vista of the Cretaceous period greeted me. My anachronistic room huddled in a tiny clearing between the towering ferns and conifers. As suddenly as it had begun the shower stopped. Sweat beaded my already soaking face. A large wasp buzzed by. I sneezed explosively; I wasn’t sure exactly which of the many plants I was allergic to, but it definitely existed in the here-and-now. I heaved a weary sigh this was getting old! “Marvin Meldrick Morrison!” I shouted angrily at my grandfather; I was tired of suffering the side effects of his experiments. “Will you please quit playing around with that confounded time travel device!” The lush landscape went silent; the only reply I heard was that of a hungry T-Rex roaring in the distance.


A Word Prompt a Day: Write a piece about someone who accidently time travels.



Symphony for the Devil


Plush red curtains parted, revealing the darkly-lit stage. Sulfuric clouds of smoke rolled across the floor. Pyrotechnics exploded. Robin Leach took the spotlight center stage. “Welcome everyone, champagne wishes and caviar dreams to each and every one of you! Tonight’s program is something extra special, never before seen by anyone neither the living nor the dead, the most blistering symphonic band in existence! Their first song will be their number one hit “Hell State of Mind!” “Master of Hell” will follow it! Then they’ll do covers of  Mussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain” and  The Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the Devil”. The show will end with their infamous “Our Wicked Sword of Love!” and “If I Was your Sinister Sword”. Without further ado, I present to you live and in person The Sinister Screeching Satanic Swords!”

With a thunderous explosion, the band appeared on stage. Naturally, the Devil himself sang lead and played the violin violently. Jimmi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Kurt Cobain sang back-up. The Incubi and the Succubi blew their Saxes sexily and soulfully. The Furies piped their flutes madly. Legion strummed their steel- guitars belligerently. The Spectra pounded the drums thunderously. The Gremlins keyed the synthesizers fiendishly. And the Imps, well the Imps rang the bells gleefully. The amps thumped and wailed on overload. It brought down the house literally; it was one Hell of a show.


A Writing Prompt a Day: write a piece about a sinister orchestra.


An Enigma of Sphinxes


“Order, Order! I call this Enigma to order!” Khufu’s clenched claws rapped smartly against the granite dais.

“We have got to do something about those infernal devices that the humans are carrying. I have had three good meals get away from me yesterday alone.” Nur-Adad raged.

“He is right.” Sin-Eribam admitted. “I used the newest riddle I know, ‘What is red and green and goes round and round?’ Within mere seconds, the human had the answer, ‘A frog in a Cuisinart.’ I am starving!” His empty stomach rumbled angrily in proof.

“I have been reduced to using the riddle of the Greek Kallikantzaros, ‘Feathers or lead?’ Ramses confessed  shame-faced hanging his head, but the human was a physicist and knew the answer, ‘Neither, they both fall at the same rate.’ So I had to let him go.” He sighed regretfully.

“We are all hungry.” Khufu said. A sullen rumble of agreement sounded from the grouped Sphinxes. “I have consulted with our most technologically advanced member. He has the answer, Xerxes?”

Xerxes strode forward regally and stood next to Khufu at the dais. “After much research and thought, I have found the solution. There is a device the humans have called a ‘cell jammer or scrambler’, the installation of this item will prevent the humans from using their Androids, iPads, iPhones and other devices to search for the answers to our riddles and we may all fed again.”

“All of those in favor of doing what Xerxes suggests please signify your agreement.” A chorus of growling screams of joy and the beating of massive wings thundered through the crowded arena. “Passed by popular acclaim!” Khufu shouted. “I hereby declare this Enigma closed!”

A Writing Prompt a Day: Write a piece about a Sphinx’s riddle.


Unremarkable Man


Jack Jones possessed the power of anonymity. He patrolled the city in his charcoal-grey business suit attracting no attention; everything about him; height, build, face, hair and eye coloring were all average. He had a single flaw; he couldn’t carry a tune in a ten-gallon pail, something he was currently proving as he casually strolled along tunelessly yodeling the piece he had just written at the top of his lungs.

   “I can go unnoticed in any crowd
   Except of course, when I sing aloud!
   I am Unremarkable Man
   Moreover I have just began!
   I may fall down, but I get up again
   If you are evil then I am your bane!
   I may not have a body made of iron or steel
   Nevertheless, my strong fists you will feel!
   I do not soar through the sky
    For I am completely unable to fly!
    I may be bruised and I may bleed
   However, defeat I will never concede!
   I will accept whatever fate may throw
   To bring down any wicked foe!
   I am far from being a zero
   I am a superhero, a s-u-p-e-r -h-e-r-o—!”

He turned the corner and crossed the street. Totally focused on his iPhone, he never noticed the oncoming cab until it struck him, tossing him bloody and broken into the gutter. The cabbie never even noticed.


A Writing Prompt a Day: write a theme song for your protagonist.


Project Rain God



It was a mote of brightness in the vast ocean of the universe, a chunk of frozen ice tumbling erratically, floating lazily in the dark depths of space. A series of tiny, firefly lights rhythmically winked briefly into existence on its flanks and rear. It slowed and stilled. Turning like a compass needle pointing north, it oriented itself on its target. A bright blossom of flame bloomed, ponderously the asteroid gathered speed, until it was streaking unnoticed towards its objective, a red marble floating closer to the distant sun and a date with destiny. “Surupa launch successful.” Captain Freya Wright announced from the bridge of The Joint Nations Ship Inception.

Long tedious months passed as Surupa sped on its way, the Inception pacing its gigantic charge. Finally the destination shown. First as a faint dot, slowly swelling with pregnant promise, then a huge globe dominating the Inception’s viewer.

“Target profile confirmed. Project Rain God is go.” Commander Joshua Lewis commed from the Forward Observation Platform.

“Acknowledged, Mission Control. Detonating.” Captain Freya Wright replied.

The blast fragmented the asteroid expanding it like the petals of a giant flower. Meteorites showered down, penetrating the thin atmosphere. Friction heated them and they began to dissolve. Dirty white clouds formed. Lightening flashed, thundered rolled, and precipitation began.

“Delivery confirmed.”

“Roger Inception, looking good from Phobos.”

For the first time in aeons, it rained on Mars.

A Writing Prompt a Day: Write a piece about a meteor shower.


The Heist



The security was pitiful, a single scanty trip wire rigged to flashing colored lights. The team breached it easily enough and obtained the gleaming prize. No sooner did they have it in-hand than the enemy pounced.

“Too hot handing off. Claire, you’re it!” The glittering bauble traced a perfect arc through the air. He smashed to the floor under the weight of the bodies piled on top of him. “Oof!” Bernard squawked beneath them.

A delicate pair of hands deftly snagged it. “Congested, sliding. Elias, you’re it!” She screeched, crouched, and threw, the twinkling trinket skidded gracefully among dancing shoes. A small fist grabbed her long hair and jerked her off her feet. “Ouch!” She squealed.

“Received, running.” He bent his head and plowed through the scrambling security forces, sparkling gaud clutched protectively to his chest. “Passing, Harvey, you’re it!” The Taser dart struck his shirt; he dropped twitching stunned by the pulsating current. “Ahhhh!” He screamed clutching his chest in agony.

“Delivered, exiting” He sidled out the living room door and shouted in triumph, the scintillating trophy extended victoriously high over his head. “We won! We won!” He shrilled dancing with glee.

“No fair!” Flynn whined.

“Cheaters!” Darcy shrieked angrily.

“That’s enough! Don’t any of you dare break my snow globe!” The soprano voice thundered.

“Yes mother, yes Aunt Agnes.” The cousins all chorused. Obediently they replaced the snow globe on the light-strung mantle. The children huddled in a circle under the wilting Christmas tree. “I’m tired of guards and robbers.” Little Gladys said. “Let’s play something else.”


A Writing Prompt a Day: write a piece about a tag-team heist.


Man’s Best Friend?


white and black dog standing on stone
Photo by joan montaner on Pexels.com

“Help Lassie! Help!” Twenty-five-year old Timmy cried frantically from the bottom of the abandoned well.

Lassie’s teeth grasped the frayed rope, uncoiled its length and let it drop down into the depths. She heard Timmy splashing in the water then felt him put his weight on the rope.
“Pull girl! Pull!” He shouted.

Lassie complied for a few minutes digging in her hind feet and lunging backwards. Her muscles strained under the weight of his body. Her aging joints creaked. Timmy rose several feet into the air. This habit was getting old! Lassie thought. She had had ENOUGH! Time to do something about the situation. Her greying muzzle opened, sharp canines flashed. The severed rope plummeted into the well. Her still keen ears heard the huge ‘splat!’ of Timmy landing and the ‘crack!’ of his neck breaking. Carefully Lassie dragged several large tree branches over the well, concealing it. Then head held high and tail waving she trotted home.

A Writing Prompt a Day: Write a piece about someone or something falling down a well.