“Heirs of Empire” by David Webber


   Heirs of Empire: Book Three of the Dahak Trilogy is an excellent read, with an exciting mix of low tech and high tech battle scenes. If you’re not already a fan of Science Fiction, David Webber’s works will convert you. I give it five stars.
For really tough jobs, Emperor Colin MacIntyre the Frist is your man. The only man in the galaxy to ever stop the genocidal Achuultani in their tracks, he went on to resurrect an empire forty-five thousand years gone.

Colin’s progeny, Crown Prince Sean and Crown Princess Harriet, have been unleashed upon the galaxy and they’re off to an explosive start (literally). A traitor deep under cover within the very heart of the Imperium willing to murder the royal family and three-quarter of a billion’s worth of loyal subjects has programmed their space ship to blow up around them! Taking all the evidence and thousands of lives with it!

Now Sean, Harriet, and three of their friends are marooned a long, long way from home; stranded on a hostile theocratic world of gunpowder and pikes. The Mother Church of that world doesn’t like them very much. In fact, she has just declared them Demons, marshalled the Holy Host and ordered their extermination!

You might think that things look pretty bleak for the kids, but the reality it’s Mother Church that’s in trouble – because Sean and Harriet are chips off of the old block – and they’re about to get angry . . .

Mother Church, Her Priests, and Her Minions better buckle down, they’re in for one Hell of a storm!



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