“The Armageddon Inheritance” By David Webber


The Armageddon Inheritance: 2nd book in the Dahak Trilogy  is the sequel to Mutineer’s Moon. It is excellent, it has several thrilling battle scenes. I recommend it highly even for people who don’t enjoy science fiction.

I give it five stars

Colin MacIntyre has been tapped for Greater Things;  consequentially his life has been rather stressful lately and he isn’t too sure he likes that.

  • Join NASA and become an astronaut (Check)
  • Win a highly coveted place on a lunar mission (Check)
  • Get kidnapped by the ancient, self-aware battleship, Dahak masquerading as Earth’s Moon (Check)
  • Get drafted as Dahak’s Captain to suppress a five-thousand year old mutiny (Check)
  • Defeat said mutineers who greatly outnumber his forces and who could care less how many innocents the collateral damage claims (Check)
  • Mobilize the entire planet against the attack of an eons-old alien menace dedicated to the eradication of all other intelligent life in the galaxy (Check)

What he doesn’t realize is that’s all been the easy part.




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