Words of Power

fire hell inferno flame
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

I stare doubtfully at the sign hanging in the grimy window. “Obscure Books Galore!” The faded red gilded lettering proclaimed. Well how bad could it really be? I thought. I still had two hours to kill while my friend Ashely scoured the quilt store. I opened the heavy door. The old metal bell dinged dully. The wooden floors sagged underfoot and creaked as I walked. The room smelled of mold and mildew. Hundreds of books were scattered helter-skelter on the shelves and counters. A thick layer of dust covered them. Their leather bindings were cracked. I picked up an ugly blood-red one and carefully opened it. The pages were tattered and deteriorating. The ink was pale and patchy. I turned cautiously to the title page. “Ye Life and Times of Algerton Phimms, Wizard of Fortune Written By Sumptious Sempronious.” It proudly proclaimed. I put it back, inched down the narrow aisle and picked up a gruesome orange volume. “Explorations of Incidents of Vampirism, Lycanthropy, and Demonic Possession, a Scholarly Study Written By Clarence Sharpepen”. Bemused I wandered farther into the store. A muted green book caught my attention, flakes of gold still clinging to its covers. “Of Giants and Dragons, Water-horses and Trolls, Where to Find them and How to Avoid Getting Eaten By One Written By Chester One-leg”. A sickly yellow boldly announced itself. “How to Meet the Fairy Women of Your Dreams or Nightmares and Charm Them to Do Your Will Written By Silvaneous Shysterson.” A massive oily black tome caught my eyes. “The True Actualties Of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory Written by Lucifer’s Disciple Aleister Crowley” Idly I thumbed through its pages. The lurid etching of a goat-headed figure fixed my gaze. “Azkabet, Nakabet, Indiziarae, Inferniuos. . .” The words of power drew me inwards, spiraling down into a realm of fire and agony. Misery engulfed my being. Frightened I wrenched my eyes away and gulped down the nausea churning in my stomach. My fingers tingled with heat, burning. Hastily I dropped the volume, turned and scuttled out of the shop.

Ashely waved impatiently at me. “Hurry up; I’ve been waiting for you for three hours now. What was so fascinating in that grungy old store anyhow?”
Shivering I jumped into the car and sat mute while we raced away. Desperately I fastened onto the view outside of the normal, everyday, sane world. I made a silent pact with myself. I would visit he first church I found as soon as Ashely dropped me off. I had never been a believer before, but that book had convinced me of the reality of wickedness and evil, perhaps then goodness was also true. I prayed that it was so. I never wanted to go to that place ever again.


A Writing Prompt a Day: Write a piece about a bookstore listing at least 5 made up titles.


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