crescent moon
Photo by Flickr on

Every woman feels Her
In our bodies and our blood
That slow relentless, eternal tide
That silent tug of gravity
Lasting our life long
Waxing, waning, waxing again
She rules our daily routine
Full, dark, full once more
The seasons spin past
Our satellite’s constant cycle.
It influences our moods
Always present in the back of our minds.
Once we were chained to Her
Eternal mystery unseen
We worshiped Her
Honored, and adored Her
But Science has changed all that
Streetlights pollute the night sky
Dimming Her glory
Pharmaceutical companies have broken the ties
That bound us to her
Man has measured and probed Her
Walked on Her very surface,
Revealing Her secrets.
However, we Women know better
Serenely undisturbed
She continues her regular routine.



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